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[ozy_vc_simpleinfobox image=”1548″ caption=”STATIONERY” title=”Eversharp” excerpt=”Eversharp, formed in 1972, has become a leading manufacturer of ball point pens, rulers and markers in Zimbabwe. ” link=”/?page_id=405″]
[ozy_vc_simpleinfobox image=”1454″ caption=”Total Hygiene Solutions ” title=”Softex Tissue Products” excerpt=”Softex is a leading brand in hygiene, manufacturing quality tissue products and distributing complimentary washroom hygiene, feminine and baby care products.” link=”/?page_id=339″]
[ozy_vc_simpleinfobox image=”1410″ caption=”Reliable Energy Solutions” title=”Chloride Zimbabwe” excerpt=”Chloride Zimbabwe is in the business of enhancing peoples lives by providing durable and reliable energy solutions. ” link=”/?page_id=1236″]
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ART Holdings Limited is the holding company of a manufacturing group of businesses in Zimbabwe with distribution operations in Zimbabwe and Zambia. ART Holdings Limited was incorporated as Beachmont Trading Limited in the British Virgin Islands in 1997 and changed its name to ART Holdings Limited in 2001 by way of a special resolution of shareholders. On 30 September 2001, ART Holdings Limited acquired TZI’s interests in its wholly owned subsidiaries Art Investments (Mauritius) Limited and Chloride Central Africa.

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[title_with_icon icon=”oic-bolt” icon_size=”xxlarge” icon_color=”#b72841″ icon_type=”clear” size=”h3″ title=”Chloride Zimbabwe”]Chloride Zimbabwe is in the business of enhancing peoples lives by providing durable and reliable energy solutions. Read more

Chloride Zimbabwe800300x[/title_with_icon][title_with_icon icon=”oic-loop” icon_size=”xxlarge” icon_color=”#b72841″ icon_type=”clear” size=”h3″ title=”National Waste Collections”]National Waste Collections (NWC) is a paper recovery concern owned by ART Corporation, established to ensure that local paper mills get their waste paper requirements locally. Read more

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[title_with_icon icon=”oic-receipt-shopping-streamline” icon_size=”xxlarge” icon_color=”#b72841″ icon_type=”clear” size=”h3″ title=”Softex Tissue Products”]Softex Tissue Products specializes in the provision of hygiene solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives. Read more

Softex Logo PNG -WCloud[/title_with_icon][title_with_icon icon=”oic-battery-power” icon_size=”xxlarge” icon_color=”#b72841″ icon_type=”clear” size=”h3″ title=”Exide Express”]Exide Express is a wholly owned division of ART Corporation & the distribution arm of Chloride Zimbabwe, manufacturers of EXIDE batteries. Read more


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